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Dr. Pooja Kumari

MSc, MPhil, PhD University of Delhi

Founder Ace Pathshala

I have provided mentorship and guidance to students preparing for a range of entrance exams such as CSIR-NET, GATE, ICMR, CUET-UG, CUET-PG, NEET, and other similar exams. My expertise and support have assisted numerous students in achieving success in these competitive exams and pursuing their desired career paths.

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Developmental Biology Course Includes

Course Overview:

Developmental biology is the study of how organisms develop from a single cell to a complex multicellular organism. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts and principles of developmental biology. The course will cover topics such as potency, commitment, specification, induction, competence, determination, differentiation, morphogenetic gradients, cell fate, cell lineages, stem cells, genomic equivalence, cytoplasmic determinants, imprinting, mutants, and transgenics in analysis of development. Additionally, the course will cover gametogenesis, fertilization, and early development, morphogenesis and organogenesis in animals and plants, and programmed cell death, aging, and senescence.

Course Duration: 10 weeks

Course Content:

Week 1-2

Basic Concepts of Development

  • Potency, commitment, specification, induction, competence, determination, and differentiation
  • Morphogenetic gradients
  • Cell fate and cell lineages
  • Stem cells
  • Genomic equivalence and cytoplasmic determinants
  • Imprinting
  • Mutants and transgenics in analysis of development

Week 3-4

Gametogenesis, Fertilization, and Early Development

  • Production of gametes
  • Cell surface molecules in sperm-egg recognition in animals
  • Embryo sac development and double fertilization in plants
  • Zygote formation, cleavage, blastula formation, embryonic fields, gastrulation, and formation of germ layers in animals
  • Embryogenesis and establishment of symmetry in plants
  • Seed formation and germination

Week 5-6

Morphogenesis and Organogenesis in Animals

  • Cell aggregation and differentiation in Dictyostelium
  • Axes and pattern formation in Drosophila, amphibians, and chicks
  • Organogenesis - vulva formation in Caenorhabditis elegans, eye lens induction, limb development, and regeneration in vertebrates
  • Differentiation of neurons, post-embryonic development - larval formation, metamorphosis
  • Environmental regulation of normal development
  • Sex determination

Week 7-8

Morphogenesis and Organogenesis in Plants

  • Organization of shoot and root apical meristem
  • Shoot and root development
  • Leaf development and phyllotaxy
  • Transition to flowering, floral meristems, and floral development in Arabidopsis and Antirrhinum

Week 9-10

Programmed Cell Death, Aging, and Senescence

  • Molecular mechanisms of programmed cell death
  • Aging and senescence in plants and animals
  • Role of telomeres in aging and cancer

Course Materials:

  • Textbook to read: Principles of Developmental Biology by Scott F. Gilbert
  • Lecture notes and slides
  • Supplementary reading materials
  • Online resources such as videos, animations, and interactive simulations


  • Weekly assignments and quizzes
  • PYQs


This course provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of developmental biology. It covers a wide range of topics and provides practical applications of developmental biology in various fields. Students will gain a deep appreciation of the basic principles and concepts of developmental biology, which will prepare them for further studies.

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Meet your Coach

Dr. Pooja Kumari

MSc, MPhil, PhD University of Delhi
Founder Ace Pathshala

The educator at Ace Pathshala, Dr. Pooja, is an accomplished biologist who holds a PhD in Neuroendocrinology from the University of Delhi, India. In addition to her PhD, she also holds M.Phil., MSc, and BSc degrees in Zoology from the same institution, where she was recognized for her outstanding academic achievements with a Gold medal during her undergraduate studies.

Dr. Pooja has extensive teaching experience at various coaching institutes, specifically for highly competitive exams such as CSIR-NET, GATE, ICMR, IISC, ICAR, IIT-JAM, TIFR, BARC, NEET, MSc, CUET-PG, CUET-UG, BSc, PhD entrances, UPSC Zoology Optional, and others. As an assistant professor at Panjab University College, she has also mentored numerous students and facilitated their academic growth.

Through Ace Pathshala, Dr. Pooja aims to share her extensive knowledge and experience with enthusiastic biology learners, ensuring that their learning is both accessible and convenient. Her approach to teaching is characterized by clarity, engagement, and attention to detail. Dr. Pooja is passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals and empowering them to pursue their interests in the field of biology.

For any support write us at info@acepathshala or call us at 7838705661

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